About the Sleep Disorders Center

Sleeping man Sleep studies take place in private, comfortable, suite-style rooms within Lutheran Hospital's Sleep Disorders Center. Patients are encouraged to bring comfortable pajamas and slippers and will typically stay overnight, although both day and evening sleep studies are available.

During testing, sleep cycles are monitored by a technician located in a separate room. Brain and muscle activity, breathing patterns and heart rate are recorded. Each study takes about eight hours. Results are interpreted by the center's medical specialist and a treatment plan is developed in connection with the referring physician.

Home Sleep Testing
Home sleep testing can be an option for certain initial sleep disorder evaluations and may be required by insurance before additional testing or treatment in a sleep center. If the initial study produces a positive result for sleep apnea, a return visit to the center may be necessary.

For additional information or to schedule a sleep study, call Lutheran Hospital's Sleep Disorders Center at (260) 435-7403 (260) 435-7403 .