Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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When your healthcare provider has the results of your biopsy and other tests, he or she will contact you with the results. You may need other tests after breast cancer is found. Make sure you understand the results and what follow-up you need.

After you're informed of your diagnosis, the breast cancer process begins by meeting with a breast cancer nurse navigator.

Breast Cancer Navigators

A breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Breast navigators work one-on-one with breast cancer patients at the Lutheran Cancer Center to help them navigate the confusing and frightening days, weeks and months that make up the breast cancer journey. They serve as the patient's personal advocate and guide her through the healthcare system each step of the way, from diagnosis to recovery and beyond.

The breast cancer navigators:

  • Help patients and their families understand the diagnosis
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of various treatment options
  • Assist with scheduling appointments with physicians and other specialists, as needed
  • Coordinate care between physicians and the medical support team
  • Help remove roadblocks that may hinder care
  • Provide emotional support to patients and their loved ones
  • Stay in constant communication with the patient's primary care physician, oncologist, radiologist and surgeon throughout the treatment process
  • Connect patients with needed services, such as financial, home health, nutritional, physical therapy, spiritual and transportation
  • Provide support after treatment and addresses survivorship issues