Catheterization or Cath Lab

Cath Labs Provide Imaging for Cardiovascular Concerns
Lutheran Hospital's cath labs include sophisticated imaging equipment used to evaluate blood flow and identify cardiology and peripheral vascular concerns. Specialists are also able to treat certain issues during testing. For instance, a stent may be placed during a diagnostic cath procedure. Click here to find out what happens during a catheterization.

More complex cases may require surgical intervention and a broader team of specialists. In these cases, patients are taken to the hybrid cath lab. The hybrid cath lab combines the technology of a cath lab with the capabilities of an operating room, allowing an interventional cardiologist and a cardiovascular surgeon to perform collaborative procedures at the same time.

American College of Cardiology Cardiac Cath Lab Accredited

Advanced Technology in Hybrid Catheterization Lab
Our state-of-the-art hybrid cath lab offers true collaboration with advanced technology and clinical specialization. With advanced imaging technology right in the cath lab, our interventional cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons are able to more accurately diagnose and move to treatment in one location, without requiring multiple procedures. This cohesive, seamless plan improves care because cardiovascular imaging can be monitored in real time, so adjustments can be made to treatment decisions, including the ability to perform more minimally invasive procedures.

Level 1 Heart Allows Direct Access to Cath Lab
Lutheran Hospital follows strict protocols for any patients experiencing a heart attack or acute myocardial infarction. Our accredited chest pain center even includes Level 1 Heart, which enhances the level of care for acute heart attack patients from outlying hospitals by transferring them directly to Lutheran's cath lab instead of the ER. Learn more.