Heart Failure

Heart failure means the heart muscle isn’t pumping enough oxygen-rich blood through the body, causing a variety of symptoms. Lutheran Hospital provides specialized cardiac care and innovative therapies to help identify, treat and manage the symptoms and stages of heart failure. The hospital's expertise and commitment in treating heart failure is reflected through American College of Cardiology accreditation. HF ACC seal

Specialty Care for Heart Failure and Advanced Heart Failure
Lutheran Hospital offers procedures and therapies to alleviate the effects of heart failure and help patients live life to the fullest as it progresses. In its earliest stages, treatment often involves lifestyle changes, medications and attention to certain contributing conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or lipid disorders.

As it progresses, heart failure requires more complex care. Treating and managing heart failure and related problems may involve bypass or heart valve surgery, specific therapies, added medications, an implanted cardiac device or some other treatment. Symptoms may also lead to hospital stays.

Lutheran Hospital’s team of cardiac specialists and clinical professionals deliver the extensive care required to diagnose, treat and manage heart failure, as well as many other heart-related conditions, through:

Aquapheresis® Therapy for Symptom Relief
Heart failure may cause patients to retain extra water and salt, a symptom often relieved using medication. For individuals whose bodies no longer respond to this medication, a powerful therapy called Aquapheresis® is available to remove excess body fluid and help restore fluid balance. This therapy can relieve heart failure symptoms and reduce hospital admissions for fluid build-up or related complications. Lutheran is the only hospital in northeastern Indiana providing both inpatient and outpatient Aquapheresis® for symptom relief.

Aquapheresis and Aquadex FlexFlow are registered trademarks of Gambro AB.

Cutting-edge Research for Advanced Heart Failure
Lutheran Heart Center was selected to participate in cutting-edge research to optimize heart failure treatment based on biomarkers. Through a simple lab test, biomarker indicators can alert clinicians to advanced heart failure issues before symptoms even occur. Improving outcomes is always our goal and this important research can help us continue to achieve success.