Intensive Care

Lutheran Hospital Intensive Care

Intensive, or critical, care is specialized care given to patients who need constant, complex, comprehensive, detailed care for various acute, life-threatening conditions. Patients who are seriously injured, have a critical or life-threatening illness or have undergone a major surgical procedure that requires 24-hour care are monitored in one of Lutheran's ICUs.

Lutheran Hospital offers several specialized intensive care units that are each staffed by a team of specially trained physicians and nurses. Each unit contains highly technical and sophisticated equipment and devices that allow the staff to care for and monitor critically ill patients.

Patients with critical conditions such as trauma, neurological problems, pulmonary or renal disease, gastrointestinal illnesses or other life-threatening illnesses are cared for in Lutheran Hospital's Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit. 

Patients who have undergone heart surgery are cared for in Lutheran Hospital's Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit.

Coronary Intensive Care Unit
The Coronary Intensive Care Unit at Lutheran Hospital is specially equipped to treat and monitor patients with acute cardiac disorders (serious heart problems).

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Lutheran Hospital's NICU is designed and equipped to allow its specially trained staff to provide care for infants who are ill, born prematurely or have a condition that requires constant monitoring.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
The Lutheran Children's Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit provides intensive care in a unit dedicated exclusively to caring for critically ill or injured children. Children receive continuous observation and treatment by registered nurses certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support and trained in high-tech critical care.