The McNab Family

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When it comes to seeking the best treatment possible after injuries, the McNabb Family trusts another family, the hospitals of Lutheran Health Network.

A Family Affair

The McNab Family

What started as a typical lawn-mowing morning at the family home in Craigville turned scary for the McNabb's when 4-year-old McKenna slipped on the dewy grass and her left foot slid under the mower's deck. The blade sliced her leg just above the ankle.

McKenna's father, Kevin, picked her up and put her in the truck and hurried to Bluffton Regional Medical Center.

"McKenna was calm as could be," said Kevin. "But I was in shock. After we got to the ER, she laid on my chest, she asked for her mom and she asked questions, but she held it together better than I could have imagined."

Mom Ann was contacted via cell phone and was soon at McKenna's side as well.

The Bluffton Regional ER team cleaned, debrided and wrapped McKenna's foot, but because of the severity of the injury, she needed to be transferred to Lutheran Hospital.

This was the beginning of an ordeal that included 12 surgeries and a 19-day stay in Lutheran Children's Hospital. It was four months after McKenna's last surgery before she could walk again. She started with a walking boot and a walker, and eventually, she learned to walk without aids, although she still wears a brace. Today, McKenna runs and jumps corn stalks at the family farm with no problem.

"We made the right decision in regard to her foot," said Kevin. "She loves to paint her little 'piggies,' and that's something I love to see. She has the best attitude, and that's the whole deal right there. She is just phenomenal."

But McKenna isn't the only member of the McNabb family who has experienced serious injury. In 2005 and 2006, Kevin, who is a burn survivor, spent 51 weeks at the St. Joseph Region Burn Center at St. Joseph Hospital, another Lutheran Health Network facility.

"Our family has been blessed, thanks to the Lutheran Health Network," said Kevin. "The fact I am here today and McKenna has her foot speaks to the fact the Lutheran Health Network is tremendous.

"No matter the situation, the staff at the Lutheran Health Network hospitals knows what they need to do. They are fabulous. They took wonderful care of our family in every situation," said Ann. "They were always comforting and reassuring, telling us what was going on along the way. And they told us to ask if we needed anything."

"We were in the best possible hands every step of the way," said Kevin. "We always felt at ease. Between the orthopaedic surgeon and the plastic surgeons, we were always confident, and the fact McKenna and I both had the same plastic surgeon, Dr. Joe, that was a real bonus."

"I say always go straight to a Lutheran Health Network hospital," Kevin added. "There's no other place I would go, because I know that's where I'm going to get the best care. That's just how it works."