Frequently Asked Questions

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When it comes to our services and treatment options, we're making it easy for you to get the information you need. For your convenience, we've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you don't see what you're looking for, contact The Birthplace at (260) 435-7274 (260) 435-7274 .

Is there a place I can stay if I am released before my baby can go home from NICU?
Yes. You may contact the Mad Anthony's Children's Hope Hospitality House at (260) 459-8550 (260) 459-8550 .
I just found out I am pregnant and need a doctor. Can you refer me to a physician?
Yes. Contact our Physician Referral Service at 1-888-550-4LHN or our Parent Education Program Assistant at (260) 435-7274 (260) 435-7274 for referrals, locations and phone numbers to the area OB/GYNs and family practice physicians.
What types of services or special amenities can I expect while I am a patient at The Birthplace?
Aside from the highly skilled, certified nursing care you can expect while at The Birthplace, we offer many services and amenities to meet the unique needs of our new moms and dads:
  • Family-oriented prenatal education
  • Individualized care and home-care education
  • Personalized tours The Birthplace
  • Pre-registration – on-line, by phone, or in person
  • Labor and delivery options
  • Lactation consultations – inpatient and outpatient
  • Rooming in with baby
  • Newborn nursery – staffed 24/7
  • Obstetric special care – for high risk patients
  • Neonatal intensive care – private rooms, full service
  • C-section surgical suites & recovery
  • Breastfeeding Support Group
  • Mood Changes and Moms Support
  • Room service menu choices
  • Lactation services – pump rentals, nursing bras and retail items
  • Personalized nursing bra fitting appointments
  • Newborn portrait photography
  • Comfortable room with sleeping chair for support person
  • Complimentary snacks for parents
  • Private room/bath w/hand-held showers, blow dryers and complimentary toiletries
  • Celebration meal
  • Complimentary Cable TV, music
  • Child safety seat inspections by appointment
  • Newborn Channel Education
Are there any hotels that give discounts or long-term rates for when babies are in the hospital a long time?
Yes. We can provide you with a list of area hotels and their approximate time distances from the hospital. Many of the hospitals offer a reduced room rate for families with patients in the hospital. Contact the Information Desk or Parent Education Assistant for a copy.
Does the hospital need to check my baby's car seat before we go home?
No. The hospital is not required to check your seat before you go home. However, you are required to leave the hospital with your infant properly secured in an appropriate car seat before you leave The Birthplace. You should bring your car seat with you to the hospital when you arrive for delivery. Indiana Law requires all children eight years and younger to comply with the Child Passenger Safety Seat Laws. We can assist you with a free car seat inspection and instruction/demonstration on how to fit your child and your car seat to the vehicle. This service is available by appointment only both before your delivery, during your stay and after you leave the hospital. Call the Parent Education Department or Lutheran Children's Hospital at (260) 435-7274 (260) 435-7274 or (260) 435-7887 (260) 435-7887 for more information about this service.
Are there any support groups at the hospital? Is there a cost?
Our Nursing Mothers support group meets every Friday from 1-2:30 in the Lutheran Children's Hospital conference room, behind the 3rd floor welcome desk. Our Mood Changes and Moms support group meets every Wednesday from 10 am – 11:30 am. for more information. Both are FREE to you and your family. For more information on our Nursing Mothers support group, Call (260) 435-7330 (260) 435-7330 . For more information on our Mood Changes and Moms support group, call (260) 435-7369 (260) 435-7369 .
Can I get food from the cafeteria or outside the hospital?
Yes. However, our room service menu is extensive and conveniently meets most of the desires and, of course, nutritional needs of our patients hospital wide. Most room service meals are delivered within 45 minutes of ordering. For the convenience of visitors, families and patients, the cafeteria, located in the lower level, is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and offers many hot and cold entree choices, as well as snacks and beverages. The Treehouse Cafe and Tim Hortons are located in the hallway between the main lobby and the south lobby and offer local popular restaurant menus during lunch and dinner on weekdays.
Is there computer access or Wi-Fi available for me to use in the room?
Wi-Fi is available in all rooms of The Birthplace. Be sure to bring your laptop or other Wi-Fi connected mobile device to access to this service.
How long is the average stay for having a baby?
Length of maternity stays vary and depend on how your baby was delivered. Vaginal deliveries are approximately 2 day stays. C-section deliveries generally stay 3-4 days depending on insurance benefits and doctor's preferences. Many other factors will be considered when determining your length of stay in the hospital.
Will I get my baby's birth certificate when I leave the hospital?
No. Your baby's official birth certificate and the hospital souvenir birth certificate will be mailed to you. If you need proof of delivery for WIC or any other assistance programs, notify your nurse and, with enough advance notice, the birth certificate office can provide you with the souvenir (unofficial) birth certificate before your discharge.
Is The Birthplace a secure unit?
Yes. The Birthplace is a secure, locked, unit where visitors must gain entrance by intercom.
Does the hospital use an alarm bracelet security system for The Birthplace?
No. A five band ID bracelet and umbilical cord clamp method is used for infant ID and security. Our security measures, staff identification, security cameras and many other preventive security measures are in place and will be discussed with you when you are a patient.
Can my baby stay with me in my room the whole time I'm there or does he have to go to the nursery?
Your baby can stay with you and dad in your room during your stay. In fact we encourage you to stay together as a family, so you can start bonding right away! There are a few times when baby needs to visit the nursery during your stay, but most reasons are for very short periods of time. Ask your nurse for more details.
Can the father of my baby stay in my hospital room with me the whole time?
Yes. We encourage dad or one significant other to stay here with you if you desire their company.
Are your rooms private or semi-private?
All patient rooms in The Birthplace are private, accommodating mother, baby and dad, or 1 support person if dad is not in attendance. All patient rooms have their own private bathroom and shower.
Is everything I need during my baby's delivery and maternity stay in the same area of the hospital?
The labor and delivery and postpartum rooms are both private and within the same unit on the 3rd floor of Lutheran Hospital. All other areas of nursing and newborn care, including the newborn nursery; c-section and recovery area; neonatal intensive care unit; lactation services; and birth certificate and parent education offices are also on the 3rd floor within easy reach for all of our new parents.
Are classes free? When should I register for classes?
All Prenatal Classes for expectant parents planning to deliver at The Birthplace are FREE!! However, you must register at least two weeks in advance. We're unable to accommodate walk-in/ drop-in participants or transfers to a different class without prior notice to the Parent Education Department. Space is limited, and early registration is strongly encouraged. You may check space availability and register over the phone or by mail with the Parent Education Program Assistant. Call (260) 435-7274 (260) 435-7274 for more details, personal assistance or to schedule a tour.
Does the hospital rent and sell breast pumps?
Yes. Breast pump rentals are available through the Lactation Department. The Medela Symphony dual breast pump is used at The Birthplace for patients and is the same model used for rental. Rental fees are per month, no pro-rated fees for weekly rentals or early returns. There is also a refundable rental security deposit. For more information, contact our Lactation Department at (260) 435-7330 (260) 435-7330 .