Kidney Transplant Center

Kidney Transplant Center
"You will feel much better (after a kidney transplant) and your quality of life will improve dramatically." Kyle Rebman, kidney transplant recipient, with his donor, Ashley Goodwin

Most people do not develop severe symptoms of kidney failure until 85-90 percent of kidney function is lost. At that point, the work of the kidneys must be done using dialysis or the kidneys must be replaced.

Kidney failure may be caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, kidney disease or congenital bladder or ureter problems. When the kidneys no longer function, a kidney transplant can eliminate ongoing dialysis and improve quality of life.

Hundreds of people have received a new lease on life through Lutheran’s kidney transplant program, which guides patients from pretransplant assessments through post-transplant care. Transplants come from living donors or those who donated following death.

Post-Transplant Clinic

The post-transplant clinic provides care to Lutheran Hospital transplant patients, as well as those who received a kidney transplant elsewhere but benefit from the clinic’s close proximity to their home.

For more information about kidney transplants or donation, contact the Lutheran Transplant Center at (260) 435-6275 (260) 435-6275 or (800) 385-3550 (800) 385-3550 .