Kidney Transplant Surgery

Adults with kidney failure or advanced kidney disease can receive a new lease on life through kidney transplant surgery. Kidney transplants:

  • eliminate the need for dialysis
  • increase energy levels
  • increase life expectancy

Lutheran Hospital's multidisciplinary kidney transplant team partners with recipients, living donors and families to make sure they know what to expect before, during and after surgery. This team includes the surgeon, nephrologist, coordinator, social worker, dietitian, pharmacist, financial coordinator and support staff.

A member of the transplant team is always just a phone call away. Plus, an on-call kidney transplant coordinator is available for urgent after-hour needs.

For more information about kidney transplants or donation, contact the Lutheran Transplant Center at (260) 435-6275(260) 435-6275 or (800) 385-3550(800) 385-3550.