Lutheran Air Fast Facts

Lutheran Air helicopter

Lutheran Air exists to provide rapid transport and stabilizing treatment for patients facing a complete range of emergency medical conditions.

  • The Lutheran Air flight program began in 2004. It added a second helicopter in 2013 and a third in 2016.
  • The entire program is based at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne.
  • Lutheran Air I flies out of Portland Municipal Airport in Jay County, Lutheran Air II out of Wabash Municipal Airport in Wabash County and Lutheran Air III out of Starke County in Knox.
  • The Lutheran Air fleet consists of side-loading Airbus H130 helicopters.
  • The helicopters cover a radius of 150 miles from each base.
  • The location of each helicopter in Lutheran's fleet is determined in part by identifying areas in northern Indiana and western Ohio where there are gaps in the availability of immediate air medical transport.
  • The crew includes a pilot, nurse and paramedic.
  • Crew members are certified in advanced cardiac, trauma life support and neonatal resuscitation.
  • Lutheran Air pilots have a minimum of 2,000 pilot hours.
  • Each base has an FAA A&P licensed mechanic who maintains the helicopter.
  • The helicopters are equipped to care for patients ranging in age from neonatal to adult.
  • There are two units of blood, TXA and Kcentra on each helicopter.
  • Each helicopter is equipped with NVG capabilities.
  • The crew is in constant contact with the communication center, hospital, emergency service personnel on the ground and other aircraft in the area.
  • By calling Lutheran Hospital's STAT transfer center, the dispatcher can process helicopter requests and activate the team to action.
  • Lutheran Air helicopters are tracked by our dispatchers using GPS tracking to monitor each aircraft and track times. A GPS computes the estimated time of arrival during the flight.
  • The crew will honor patient/family requests for transport.
  • Lutheran Air is a member of the Association of Air Medical Services and strictly adheres to safety guidelines.


  • 1979 - Lutheran ER begins Ground Transport
  • 2004 - Lutheran Air 1 launched
  • 2005 - 1st of 4 programs in the nation to carry blood on the aircraft 24/7
  • 2006 - "One Call" Transfer Center is formed
  • 2009 - Lutheran obtains Level II Trauma Verification
  • 2013 - Lutheran Air 2 launched
  • 2016 - Lutheran Air 3 launched
  • 2017 - Maternal/Fetal Transport Team
  • 2019 - Lutheran Air celebrates 15 years