Lutheran Air Transfer Center

Lutheran Air Transfer Center

Call Lutheran's STAT transfer Center at 1-800-900-STAT(7828)1-800-900-STAT(7828) to quickly and easily arrange your patient transfer.

Physician Consultation
A communication specialist in the STAT Transfer Center will locate the appropriate attending physician on call and facilitate a recorded call between the referring and receiving physicians to establish a preliminary clinical picture.

Patient Transfer
To initiate the transfer of patients, the STAT Transfer Center specialist will ask for important information which may include:

  • The referring physician's name and contact number
  • The patient's name and chief complaint
  • The type of specialist or service requested
  • If transportation is necessary

Patient Transport
Use STAT Transfer Center to arrange patient transportation with Lutheran Air or the Lutheran Ground units. The mode of transportation is determined by the referring physician and may be adjusted based upon patient acuity, transport time and distance.

Admission & Registration
A STAT Transfer Center specialist will facilitate the admission and registration process and call to report once a patient has been accepted for transfer by a Lutheran Hospital attending physician.