Medical Imaging

Surgery should be avoided, whenever possible. Still, physicians need to know—in absolute terms—what is going on inside the body. That's where our team of imaging professionals come in. Working with innovative technology, and some tested and true processes, we can look, in great detail, inside your body.

Whether it's a traditional x-ray to confirm a broken bone, or a P.E.T. scan to watch a tumor react to treatment, there is little that we cannot see. This is a tremendous convenience, when only a generation ago "exploratory surgery" was common.

With the advent of nuclear, MRI, CT and other technologies, your physician doesn't have to take you to surgery to find what is necessary for a diagnosis.

One other thing your physician doesn't have to do is wait for results. Medical imaging allows immediate access to clear, detailed images; images that can be accessed from remote locations (very handy for consultations).

There are times when we must enter the body to find the answers we need. This is the case with cardiac catheterization. Through an incision no larger than your thumbnail, cardiologists can actually probe into the heart to make very precise diagnoses.

Medical imaging continues to evolve into a more convenient means of caring for you and your family.

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