Lutheran Hospital Reaches Final Leg of Lobby Renovation to Facilitate Navigation and Expand On-Site Pharmacy

Lutheran has second hospital-based Walgreens in Indiana, 161st nationwide


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Friday, Nov. 9, 2012) – With Lutheran Hospital’s lobby renovation nearly complete, the reopening of the main entrance has been scheduled for Nov. 12.
The primary goal of the project is to make it easier for patients and guests to navigate the hospital’s main lobby upon arrival and to create a more pleasant ambiance. A separate initiative that included the addition of a full-service Walgreens pharmacy on site in July also involved a renovation and expansion of existing space adjacent to the main lobby. 

“We continue to look for ways to make Lutheran feel welcoming and easy to access so folks can find everything they need while on campus,” said Erica Wehrmeister, COO, Lutheran Hospital. “These projects extend conveniences both during visits and at discharge.”

The information desk is now closer to the registration area and an additional registration booth has been added. Movement is easier with the removal of non-support columns and the addition of smooth terrazzo flooring that facilitates maneuverability for people using wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Lutheran’s main entrance has been closed since June 18 to complete the renovations.

Another enhancement is a new front entrance with enclosed seating to provide a resting place for individuals who are waiting for rides from local transport services, or for those whose vehicles are being returned to the front circle drive by Lutheran’s valet service, friends or loved ones.

“Offering the patient the option to have their prescription filled before they leave the hospital will get them where they want to be quicker, which is home,” said Brian Bauer, CEO, Lutheran Hospital. “Lutheran Hospital continues to invest in opportunities to provide innovative and meaningful patient care. We are thrilled by the potential ways we can work with Walgreens to provide other helpful services to our patients and their families.”

Lutheran leased its outpatient pharmacy to Walgreens earlier this summer to offer broader inventory and more convenience items such as over-the-counter products and snacks for visitors, physicians and associates. A subsequent expansion of the pharmacy nearly doubled its amount of retail space. Work on the lobby and pharmacy took place at the same time.

“This location will offer a new level of convenience for patients and staff, and our pharmacy staff will serve as another trusted, accessible healthcare resource on the Lutheran Hospital campus,” said Joel Wright, vice president of health systems operations, Walgreens. “We’re excited to be here and we look forward to providing services that complement the quality medical care already received.”

In addition to prescription services, the expanded pharmacy will offer one-on-one patient counseling, medication safety and adherence advice. The pharmacists are working closely with the hospital to stock medications for patients who will have unique needs at discharge, including those who have received heart or kidney transplants. The larger pharmacy incorporates some over-the-counter products and snacks as well as private consult space.

“We are eager to have the specialty medications on-hand that can support patients as they transition home,” said Thomas Stoller, RPh, general manager, Walgreens.

The retail pharmacy hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The pharmacy phone is (260) 432-3110 and the address is 7950 W. Jefferson Blvd., Suite 1B005, Fort Wayne, Ind., 46804.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Media are invited to attend an open house at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 15, tour the new pharmacy and talk with representatives of Walgreens and Lutheran.


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