Dupont Hospital Staff Provides Holiday Cheer During Difficult Time

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Dec. 20, 2019) A recent encounter with a patient in the midst of a trying time sparked staff at Dupont Hospital to do whatever they could to provide this patient with not only the best service possible, but also a special and memorable Christmas for her and her family. 

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Dupont Grants a Special Holiday  

Any medical issue can become increasingly more stressful when concerns from home are factored in. This was the situation for one patient at Dupont Hospital who broke down in tears while getting prepped for surgery. The patient, who had recently lost her job and home, told her nurses that she also had two young children she was struggling to put food on the table for. To make meals possible for them, she had not eaten in two days. She felt she was at a loss for what to do next and was currently staying at a friend’s home with her children. From there, the staff at Dupont did waste any time. 

Within just two hours, staff in the OR and the Pre-Post PACU raised over $300 for groceries to feed the family. Lisa Glass, clinical specialist in Pre-Post PACU, and Jack, a hospital volunteer, went out with the funds the staff had raised to purchase the groceries. After they filled their card and progressed to the registered, the cashier rung up a total, but before Lisa could pay, Jack stepped in to make the purchase with the money from his own pocket. He further explained that he wanted to use the money the team had raised to buy a giftcard so she could purchase Christmas gifts for her children this holiday season. 

“I am so bless to be here at Dupont and work with such a great team,” Lisa stated. “This team has such passion for the patients they treat and it is so special to see that dedication within their work every day.”

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