Pastoral Care

Lutheran Hospital's full-time ecumenical staff is available to patients, family and staff to help deal with the spiritual and emotional challenges often associated with medical events and crises. The chaplain's role is to support you and your family spiritually while in the hospital, regardless of faith or religious affiliation.

Our chaplains are specially trained in spiritual and clinical care. In fact, Lutheran Hospital is an accredited teaching center for clergy and church leaders in Clinical Pastoral Education.

When you or your family need to speak with a chaplain, ask a staff member to page the on-call chaplain. 24 hours a day, someone will be there to listen to you and offer guidance in coping with any challenge you're facing. We're always happy to pray with you, as well.

While we do offer pastoral care, we honor and respect your own religious beliefs. We are here to serve everyone, regardless of religious affiliation.

At you or your family's request, we will contact your clergy and notify them of your hospitalization. We also assist clergy or faith group leaders in understanding and coping with the unique needs of people facing a health crisis.

For hospital-related questions, call (260) 435-7724(260) 435-7724.

For CPE-related questions, call (260) 435-7720(260) 435-7720.