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Learn more about breastfeeding from internationally board-certified lactation consultants. This class provides important information about breastfeeding, skin-to-skin contact, laid back nursing, how to latch baby and recognizing if baby is not getting enough breast milk. Fathers are strongly encouraged to attend.

This class is especially helpful for:

  • First-time moms and dads
  • Those who previously had a negative breastfeeding experience
  • Mothers with flat, inverted, short or large nipples
  • Mothers with very large or small breasts
  • Those expecting multiples
  • Mothers at high risk (pre-eclampsia, known fetal anomaly, etc.)
  • Mothers who have had breast surgery (reduction, augmentation, trauma, etc.)
  • Parents who want to better understand the benefits of breastfeeding and its challenges

All childbirth classes are free of charge for those delivering at The Birthplace of Lutheran Hospital. Visit the Calendar of Events for a complete list of upcoming childbirth classes. Register for classes online or call (260) 435-7338(260) 435-7338.