Childbirth & Newborn Care

Childbirth and newborn care

Childbirth classes prepare you for labor and delivery. We recommend all first-time parents take this two session series or the full-day Saturday session. This class answers many questions about your hospital stay and includes a tour of The Birthplace. Instructors will discuss the entire childbirth process, including vaginal, cesarean and assisted-delivery procedures, as well as the phases of labor and stages of delivery and recovery. Other topics covered are coping skills, basic breathing techniques and pain management options.

Newborn care and what to expect during the first few weeks at home is also included. Demonstrations and videos explain how to hold, soothe, diaper, bathe and feed baby. When to call the doctor, how to tell if baby is sick and what to do when baby cries are also covered during this class.

All childbirth classes are free of charge for those delivering at The Birthplace of Lutheran Hospital. Visit the Calendar of Events for a complete list of upcoming childbirth classes. Register for classes online or call (260) 435-7338(260) 435-7338.