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We encourage expectant parents to get comfortable with The Birthplace before the big day. Parents attending Childbirth and Newborn Care classes will take a tour of The Birthplace with their class. If you are not enrolled in a childbirth class, call (260) 435-7330(260) 435-7330 to set up a time for a personal tour.

Interested in childbirth classes? Visit the prenatal classes section for additional details.

Tours and classes (260) 435-7338(260) 435-7338
Breastfeeding and Mother’s Milk Depot (260) 435-7330(260) 435-7330
Mood Changes and Moms support (260) 435-7069(260) 435-7069
Car seat safety program (260) 435-2699(260) 435-2699, option 1
Patient information (260) 435-7188(260) 435-7188