Breast Cancer Surgery

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Surgery is a common treatment for breast cancer. It's done to remove as much of the cancer as possible. Patients have many surgical options depending on:

  • The size and location of the breast lump or tumor
  • The type of breast cancer
  • If the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, or to other parts of the body
  • The size of the breast
  • The patient's preference

The breast cancer surgery team at the Lutheran Comprehensive Breast Center work with each patient to create a surgery plan that works best for her.

Meet the Team

Rachael Hayes, MD

Breast Cancer Surgeon
Rachael Hayes, MD*
As the regions-only fellowship trained breast oncology surgeon, Dr. Hayes serves as the point person to evaluate and treat patients who have a benign or malignant breast disease. When patients are diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Hayes completes the surgical portion of disease management as well as coordinates treatment and testing for patients.

Christel Hayes, NP

Breast Cancer Surgery Nurse Practitioner
Christel Hayes, NP**
Christel Hayes, NP, works with the breast oncology team to provide comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for breast cancer patients. She serves patients who require follow-up visits or those who may have a problem and need immediate attention.

*Member of the medical staff of Lutheran Hospital.
**Member of the Allied Health Staff of Lutheran Hospital.

There are several types of breast cancer surgery including:

The breast cancer surgery team is located at 7910 W. Jefferson Blvd., Suite 109B Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804.
Questions? Call (260) 969-7165.