Lutheran Air

Lutheran Air helicopter

Since 2004, the Lutheran Air flight program has been dedicated to providing air ambulance services focused on safety, quality, and speed for all critically ill or injured patients. We are committed to these objectives and our record proves it.

All three Lutheran Air helicopters are staffed with licensed and/or board-certified crews that are highly trained in various specialties to treat critically ill patients. Crew members make the most of their specialty training by focusing on the unique needs of each patient.

Whether it is an accident scene or hospital transfer, Lutheran Air teams are ready to take the call. In addition to medical training, crew members are trained extensively in the flight environment and the implications of providing care during air medical transports and emergency procedures.

Safety is our first priority; Lutheran Air pilots work diligently to ensure patients, medical crews and first responders are safe. The Lutheran Air fleet follows strict compliance to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards and regulations.

The Lutheran Air flight program operates three Airbus H130 aircraft, strategically positioned at various airport bases to optimize regional coverage. Lutheran Air made its maiden voyage to Lutheran Hospital in 2004. Today, it flies out of Portland Municipal Airport in Jay County. Lutheran Air II has flown out of Wabash Municipal Airport in Wabash County since 2013 and Lutheran Air III has flown out of Starke County Airport in Knox since 2016. The entire flight program is based at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne. Each Lutheran Air helicopter is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.